If you’re looking to beat the heat and visit one of Rome’s many parks, the Villa Borghese park is one of the easiest parks for you to take a trip to. This park, located in the heart of Rome, just north of the Spanish Steps is an extremely convenient park to visit. When you’re in the center of Rome you don’t need to worry too much about getting transport to the park as it is close to many of the cities highlights. You’ll be able to visit a park which combines architecture, art and nature in one spot!

Villa Borghese park

#1 Rent a boat
Walking the perimeter path around the lake is one of the many enjoyable things to do in Villa Borghese park. However, if you’re looking for something different to do you can rent a boat in the parks lake. Although this lake is small, by renting a boat is lets you escape the warmth of the city & gives you a better look at the Temple of Asclepius, which serves as the lake’s centerpiece.

#2 Rent a bike
There are various ways for you to explore the Villa Borghese park in its whole eternity such as renting a bike. It’s extremely easy for you to book either a single bike for you to ride or if you’re traveling with friends and family you can rent a bike twin bike at either Viale di Villa Medici or Viale della Pineta. As there is over 226 acres of garden space for you to visit, by taking a bike ride it allows you to visit the parks highlights without getting tired from walking.  Villa Borghese park

#3 Visit the parks museums.
One of the best things about the Villa Borghese park is the access to two of the cities museums; the Villa Borghese Gallery & the National Modern Art Museum. The museums are one of the Villa Borghese main attractions that you need to add to your bucket list. If you want to visit some of Bernini’s best masterpieces then you can take a 2 hour tour of the Villa Borghese Gallery which is located on the right side of the park. You also have the option of visiting the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Modern and see 19th and 20th century works.

#4 Watch puppet shows
For families with little ones who tire easily, you can enjoy the puppet shows presented at the Teatro StabileVilla Borghese park dei Burattini “San Carlino.” To the delight of youngsters and others, the local troupe offers shows each weekend.

#5 Visit the Victorian water clock
Seeing the Victorian Water Clock is one of the more interesting things to do in Villa Borghese. The filling and emptying of water controls the timing mechanisms. The unusual water clock was created in 1867 by inventor and college professor Giovan Battista Embriaco.

Villa Borghese park

#6 Watch an outdoor movie
Once a barn, the Casa del Cinema today offers indoor and outdoor movies in addition to having a bookstore and restaurant. The outdoor theater offers screenings during May and June and from September through October. The outdoor venue additionally host musical events.

Villa Borghese park #7 Watch the opera
A full-scale replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is also an interesting feature found in the park. The structure is circular in shape and has an open roof. The stage extends to the middle of the audience. The venue offers live performances June through October.

#8 Visit the Zoo
Animal lovers make a point of visiting the Bioparco di Roma Zoo, which lies in the heart of Villa Borghese. The facility cares for more than 200 animal species including Asian elephants, brown bears, golden eagles, leopards and lions.

#9 Watch the sunset from Pincio
If taking photographs is one of your favorite things to do in Villa Borghese park you must experience the sights from Pincio Hill. The spot is considered one of the most picturesque and Romantic in the city. From here you have spectacular views of the Piazza del Popolo, the Villa Medici and Rome.

#10 Take a kids train ride.
If you’re thinking of bringing kids to the park and you know that they may tire easily, then you might indulge on a train ride through the park. You get to see the area and the major points of interest while giving the little ones a rest.


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