Italy is known for its vast amount of food delicacies ranging from wood-fired pizzas, to handmade pasta with perfected red tomato sauce. A visit to Italy is sure to stimulate your senses, and enthrall your taste buds. While these savory delicacies make Italy’s culinary scene popular, it is the sweets of Italy that will truly capture your heart. Cappuccinos, cornetto (croissants), and Italian cakes will warm and fill your belly, however more popular and ever so delicious is the authentic Italian gelato. Seeking places for the best gelato Rome may be the most important quests you will embark upon while staying in the magnificent city of Rome.



Gelato was first created in the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence. Gelato’s known origin goes back as far as the 16th century with Bernardo Buontalenti credited with the culinary invention. Gelato and sorbet were both later used by noble families to cleanse their palate between a meal’s courses and soon enough gelato became popular among more than just the elite as small Italian shops selling ice with fruit juice across the country. Today, gelato is easily one of the most loved and most popular types of ice cream.

With such a long history, finding the best Gelato in Rome can easily become a historical hunt! Below, in no particular order, are the best gelato places in Rome to try this delicious treat in the beautiful city.

5 Best Gelato Places in Rome


#1 Gelateria Giolitti l Gelato since 1900
Location: Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40, Rome
Opening Times: 7AM-1AM
Nearby Sites: Palazzo Altemps

With almost 4,000 positive Google reviews, Giolitti is a must try for gelato seekers in Rome. It was originally a dairy founded in 1900. It’s famous location has warranted visits from many famous people. Giolitti was even one of Pope John Paul II’s favorite spots for a treat.

#2 Frigidarium | Dip your gelato in chocolate
Location: Via del Governo Vecchio 112, Rome.
Opening Times: 10:30AM-1AM
Nearby Sites: Piazza Navona

Named after frigidariums, the large cold pool at a Roman bath, the La Gelateria Frigidarium is another must-see in Rome. Visitors rave about the quality and price of this delicious gelato shop, suggesting visitors to try the seasonal flavors! With a large selection of flavors, it would be best if you avoid this establishment if you are on a diet.

#3 Fatamorgana | Natural ingredients
Location: Piazza degli Zingari, 5, Rome.
Opening Times: Sun- Thurs 12PM-10PM, Fri & Sat 12PM-1AM
Nearby Sites: Colosseum

The word Fata Morgana means a mirage just above the water conjured by the sorceress Morgan le Fay. The Fatamorgana gelato shop may look like a beautiful mirage at first sight of these small, tucked away, chain gelato shops with a heavenly variation of flavors. Seadas (a traditional Sardinian dessert that’s a cheese filled pastry, fried and smothered in honey) is one of the more popular original flavors at Fatamorgana.


#4 Gelateria Valentino | Classic Italian gelato
Location: Via del Lavatore, 96, Rome.
Opening Times: 10AM-11PM
Nearby Sites: Trevi Fountain

Known for great service and outstanding gelato, Gelateria Valentino is next on the list. While many claim this establishment is the best in Rome, you’ll have to see for yourself. This small shop is perfect for grabbing gelato and then going to view the Trevi Fountain.

#5 Gelateria Come il Latte | Homemade gelato
Location: Via Silvio Spaventa 26, Rome.
Opening Times: Sun 12PM-12AM, Mon-Thurs 11AM-12Am, Sat & Sun 11AM-1AM
Nearby Sites: Villa Borghese

Last but not least is the Gelateria Come il Latte. This charming little shop starts by coating the inside of each cone with warm white chocolate or milk chocolate. They’ll pile the gelato high once you’ve had the chance to decide which of their many flavors you prefer. Reviewers rave about the pistachio gelato. You’ll have to try it for yourself!


This list is only the beginning of your gelato tasting adventure in Rome. As they say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and eat gelato! Enjoy this tasty treat and you will surely have an Italian holiday to remember.

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