Welcome to LivItaly Tours! We are a family-owned company dedicated to making your visit to our beautiful country a “living” experience. We want you to completely absorb the culture, beauty, flavors and excitement of Italy. We offer both private and small group tours (maximum 6 people) that can be designed and customized to ensure that you have an unforgettable time in Italy.

Our Story

It’s 2009, and world-renowned Italian Tour guide and classically trained opera singer Angelo meets Swedish logistics expert Kristin in Rome (ask them about how they met!). They fall in love. They blend their passions and start their own logistically excellent Italian eco-tourism company, sharing their love for the country that made Angelo who he is and brought Angelo and Kristin together, in a way that respects the rich cultural and environmental heritage of Italy. Add a beloved Dog to the mix (Doris), and two sweet babies (Nicolas & Sofia), and you’ve met the Livitaly family.

After years of touring for other companies, Angelo knew there was more to experiencing Italy through a headset and a group of 20 fellow tourists following a raised umbrella, diluting the experience of his beloved country. Kristin knew that planning the perfect vacation meant juggling endless logistics and hitting the right balance of classic must-see sites and personalized adventures, where time for a cappuccino in a piazza, an aperitivo at a local winery, and a Ferrari tour with the kids required smart-planning ahead of time. Livitaly was founded to turn the traditional tour-guided model on its head, which is why the limit for each tour is 6 guests, no headsets are ever used, and only the best tour-guides are hand-picked.

Livitaly’s sample itineraries and tours help you experience first-hand what it means to ‘live’ Italy: where you have flour up to your elbows in an Italian grandmother’s garden kitchen, where you cheer for your soccer team at the Stadio Olimpico, where you jog past the Pantheon in the early morning light, where you cruise through the green countryside in a bright red Ferrari, where you search for treasures in the Vatican with your children or jump into the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea from a boat off the coast of Capri. We are here to make your Italian vacation a dream come true and we look forward to meeting you, pronto!

A presto!

Angelo, Kristin, Nicolas, Sofia and Doris