Last edited: 21st of September 2021

This policy is applicable for all bookings made on or after September 21st 2021. For bookings processed before September 21st 2021, please refer to our RefundProtect policy.



All tours, experiences and transfers may be cancelled or amended up to 24 hrs prior to commencement time of the tours, experiences or transfers. All requests of cancellation or amendment must be received at least 24 hrs prior to commencement time of the tour exclusively via email to booking@livtours.com. No other form of communication will be considered valid.

While we guarantee full refund or amendment free of charge for the majority of our 250+ tours in 22 different destinations, please refer to the short list of tours, experiences and transfers that will include non refundable ticket fee. As our staff promptly works on every booking received with immediacy to guarantee the most effective and smooth tour on your side, this non-refundable ticket fee is applicable from the moment the booking is processed.

Below, the short list of sites tickets that will not be refunded in case of a
requested cancelation or amendment:

  • All Borghese Gallery Tours
  • All Florence Walking Tours (and Duomo when applicable)
  • All Uffizi Gallery Tours
  • All Last Supper Tours
  • All Doge’s Palace Tours
  • All Private Colosseum Tours
  • All Sagrada Familia Tours
  • All Harry Potter Tours
  • All Paris Catacombs Tours
  • All Versailles Tours
  • All Vatican Breakfast Tours
  • All Vatican Secret Rooms (Deluxe Tour)
  • All Fast Train Tickets

Only adult fees will be calculated regardless of composition of party for any person over the age of 3. You can refer to the official websites of all of the above mentioned sites for an accurate cost of the charge applied by LivTours.

Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment and may take up to 15-30 days to show on client’s credit card statement.



While amendments can be requested up to 24 hrs prior commencement time of the tour, they are dependent on availability and may be subject to a fee when tickets have already been purchased and are non-refundable, regardless of the list above. The charge for an amendment is at the discretion of the LivTours staff and will be considered on a case by case situation.

Amendment requests must be sent via email to booking@livtours.com, no other form of communication will be considered valid.



Requests of refunds in the form for travel credit can be requested up to 24 hrs prior to commencement time of the tour exclusively via email to
booking@livtours.com. If a travel credit is requested instead of a refund, no ticket fee will be applied and the gift card will be worth 110% of your total purchase value. A new booking will then need to processed via our official websites using the coupon code provided by our staff.

No cash refund may be given once the coupon code has been generated.



All vouchers for all tours require your arrival at the meeting point 10/15 minutes prior to starting time of the tour. Clients who are not at the designated meeting point or pickup point at the agreed upon time are considered No-Shows. There is no waiting policy applicable. All No-Shows will be considered late-cancellations and therefore not refundable. It is the client’s responsibility to alert LivTours on the dedicated Emergency Line (+39) 335 156 9642 in the event of late arrival. No other form of communication will be considered valid.

We suggest to always bring the phone you provide in the “Phone while traveling” section at checkout, have it fully charged and functioning. We will attempt to call or text to provide assistance but cannot guarantee the tour guide or driver will wait on semi-private tours with sensitive timed entry.

LivTours is not responsible for any transportation failure, public transport strike or delay.



Tours and Experience run rain or shine. Minor variations of the itinerary may occur to accommodate safety and security of our clients. This will not entitle the customer to any sort of refund or compensation. If it is considered unsafe to run the tour or experience by our tour guide, driver, pilot, skipper or staff, a refund or rescheduling option will be offered to the client.



In the event of an unexpected closure of a site or attraction your guide will promptly provide an alternative itinerary. This will not entitle the customer to any sort of refund.



By choosing the refundable booking option on the checkout page, you are guaranteed 100% refund of the cost of your tour.

Cases that give you 100% eligibility:

  • Sickness, accident, injury
  • Proof of positivity to Covid-19, your own or immediate relative
  • Public Transport Failure
  • Private vehicle failure
  • Emergency Services recall
  • Home emergency
  • Immediate relative sickness
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • And many more…

Read more in the Terms & Conditions listed here by our partner RefundProtect for your 100% refund up to 60 days after the day of the tour.

Please read carefully on how to redeem your 100% refund if you need to cancel your tour or have been unable to attend. The process is simple and seamless and can be done up to 60 days after the day of the tour on this link by using the LVO-number on your reservation (example: LVO-1234).

90% refund through LIVTOURS for any other reason up to 72 hrs before the time of the tour

For any other reason not covered by RefundProtect you can request your refund directly through LivTours up to 72 hrs before the commencement time of the tour.

Travel Credit

Up to 72 hrs before the commencement time of the tour, you may also request travel credit to use in the future (no expiration) for any of our destinations. After your request, LivTours will generate a gift card of the value of purchase which you can use next time you purchase on any of our websites.


In order to ensure effective processing of your cancellation, we please ask you to alert LivTours of your cancellation request exclusively via email (booking@livtours.com).



Updated March 25th, 2020 and applies to all bookings made up to July 14th, 2020

In order to protect the survival of our small family business and the travel industry as whole, strongly affected by this situation, as of the night of March 17th 2020, the Italian government has granted all tour operators, travel agencies, museums, transportation vectors and hotels to proceed with credit vouchers, with expiration on the 31st of December 2020 of the same amount of original reservations instead of refunds, which could suddenly lead to a default of the entire Italian tourism industry. Please read pag. 48, article 88 of the Gazzetta Ufficiale of the 17th of March https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2020/03/17/20G00034/sg.

This exceptional situation, the strict procedures put in place, and the extraordinary measures wanted by our government are now legally giving us a chance to prioritize survival, the jobs of our employees, tour guides and suppliers.

This means that the previous Cancellation Policy, which you agreed upon when booking, as of March 17th can, formally and legally be changed by our governmental measures.

While Kristin and I have been trying to continue to process refunds after this law, we started finding ourselves in the middle of a contingency. Our suppliers (from ticket venues to museums and archeological sites, all the way through to car services, train companies and more) started applying the above stated law, and we rapidly found ourselves receiving travel credit for an undetermined client but having to refund our client’s requests. In a matter of days, this would have sent us bankrupt and destroyed LivTours completely.

Of course, we understand the frustration that this may cause, and can also relate to the financial impact this may be having on you, and, while we are confident you understand and support us, we want to make the best out of this situation and offer you, in our opinion, the best outcome and advantages we are able to:

We will eliminate the expiration date set by the government and make your voucher/travel credit open-dated and available for infinity
With that credit you can have access to the same tour (even if prices may increase in years to come) or similar tours of same retail value anywhere in Europe (we offer tours all over Italy, Barcelona, Paris, London and more)
You can give the travel credit to family, friends, or whomever you think will be using it before you. This means the name can easily be changed at your convenience.
You can modify and amend your desired travel date whenever and however you wish, for as many times as you wish.

How will this work?

When you are ready to officially cancel your current reservation, we will amend your booking for a “fake” date to next year same time. This is purely done to move you from this year’s events and not confuse our guides, ticketing and suppliers. You will then have plenty of time to reschedule, change, or gift your tour for as long as you wish.

Please feel free to call (+39 335 156 9642) or email (angelo@livtours.com) for any further clarification or question.



The terms of this cancellation policy may change at the LivItaly Tour’s discretion.

If not all your questions have been answered, please feel free to also read our FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages.