Eat more pasta

Eating in Rome is always exciting. The city is internationally recognized for its deep culinary history and people take trips here just to try the pasta.

And now, let’s talk about intestines. That’s right. Delicious, yummy, formerly illegal offal.

For the past 14 years EU law has forbidden the selling of ‘pajata’ or calf intestines. On March 17 the news was announced that pajata is now legally allowed to return to all menus, a joy for the owners of traditional Roman restaurants.

In Rome, you have many opportunities to experience offal, the official word for all the perceived “unwanted” parts of animals. Tripe, brains, tongue and many more are all regulars on the menus at any place that serves Roman fare in the Eternal City.Eat Some More (Offal) Pasta

If you are like us, one of the best things about traveling is expanding your palate and eating foods that are outside of your comfort zone.

Pajata makes for a creamy and delicious addition to a basic Italian pasta and allows you to be adventurous while still eating something that genuinely tastes delicious.

Our personal favorite plate of the delicious pasta? Head out to Da Cesare al Casaletto and experience fantastic Roman cuisine, the adventurous way.

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