Imagine what 4.2 million pairs of feet could do to an ancient city in a year. Not only is Rome one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, it’s also one of the most fragile and most densely visited. Think of the Colosseum, or the Pantheon – each built within the first 2 centuries AD. If you had 2000-year-old china plates, would you feel comfortable letting 4.2 million tourists touch them each year? Thankfully, it’s a part of Roman culture to share their history and beautiful city with the world, but this is why it’s crucial that tour companies and visitors alike practice ecotourism when in Rome.

At LivItaly, we strive to implement eco-conscious practices in all of our tours. What does that mean? It means showing you everything this majestic city has to offer while being conscious of our impact, and leaving the city cleaner than we found it. At a basic level, we strive to create as little waste as possible. That means small groups, so no plastic headsets to be thrown out at the end of the tour. This also helps us remain conscious of our air pollution impact -we never use large gas guzzling buses to transport our guests. And unlike many tour companies that hand out brochures like candy, we manage our entire business – from bookings to tours on the ground – online, minimizing paper waste. We encourage our clients to keep the city’s ruins and winding cobblestone streets authentic and clean, by not taking anything out of its place, and by disposing of trash properly.

Tourism is crucial to Rome’s economy, and without income from tourism, the ancient ruins wouldn’t be maintained as well as they are today. The tourism industry creates a natural cycle that helps Roman businesses thrive, landmarks remain in tact, and Roman historical information to be shared with the world. Roman citizens are provided with countless jobs from the tourism industry, which helps them maintain their vibrant culture. This thriving system restarts the cycle, allowing the marvels of this ancient city to be accessible to more and more people from around the world – and that has endless benefits. Tourism puts people out of their comfort zones, opening their minds and encouraging them to try new things.

But all that that means tour companies like LivItaly have a responsibility to keep it that way. Tourists and tour companies alike should remember the process that got them there, and respect those who will visit in the future. We hope you’ll consider visiting Rome and joining us in our ecologically responsible practices. You’ll be part of an incredible movement toward a more authentic, responsible way of travel.


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