Filmed on a home video camera, Paranormal Activity only had a budget of only $15,000. Despite this, it earned over $193 million internationally, making it one of the most profitable movies ever. How did it make so much? People obsess over anything supernatural, especially hauntings. If that’s the case for you, here are five of Italy’s most haunted spots that you can check out.

Poveglia is a small island south of Venice that was used in the past to quarantine diseased people. Later, it was home to a mental asylum, where doctors performed experiments on their mentally-ill patients. It is the final resting place of over 100,000 people, so many that the ground is actually half soil, half human remains. Parts of skeletons still stick up out of the soil. Because of these things, the Italian government has made it illegal for anyone to step foot on the island.

This tale begins with a father discovering his daughter had committed adultery with a local boy, despite having just been married off. The father accused the boy of theft, tortured a false confession out of him, and then had the boy killed in public. He punished his daughter and had her sent to a cloister, where she died a few months later. People have reported seeing the ghost of the girl wandering the cloister still.

Infamously called House of Souls, this inn was the home of many murders in the Middle Ages. The inn keepers would brutally rob and kill their guests. Eventually, the innkeepers were executed after their crimes were discovered. The inn stood abandoned for a hundred years until a poor family moved in. The family reported furniture moving on its own, doors banging shut, and moans coming from unoccupied rooms. They also sighted a ghost wandering the halls, looking for her lover the innkeepers had killed.

Built in the late 1400’s, this house is famous for causing whoever owns it to die. The circumstances surrounding the deaths aren’t clear, but they have all been tragic. Events attributed to this house include multiple suicides, a few murders, and a couple brutal accidents.

Also called Monastery of the Damned. The story starts with a wanderer taken in by the monks and worked to repay them. He eventually became a monk with their monastery. Later, he fell in love with a woman and broke his vow of celibacy. The other monks found out and tortured the woman to death on the accusation of witchcraft. The man went insane with grief and began to kill people. Eventually, the king ordered him hanged to death at the monastery. People report that his ghost still inhabits the monastery today.

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