When visiting Rome, either for a day or a week, there are 2 things on most everybody’s “must see”: the Vatican and the Colosseum. But if you’re wondering how to get to Vatican City in the easiest way possible, here is a transport guide to visiting the Vatican!

How to get to Vatican City - aerial view of Rome


As its own state, the Vatican is the smallest independent government in the whole world, and yet inside of its walls it holds many of the world´s most famous sites. in fact, Vatican City alone makes up many of the major attractions of Rome, all packed in one place:

  • Saint Peter’s Square
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica
  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel

So it’s no wonder, the first question on most people’s lips is – How do I get to the Vatican?
It’s quite simple, as it is smack in the center of the city!

How to get to Vatican City | Transport Guide to Visiting the Vatican


Getting to the Vatican by Bus is very easy no matter where you are coming from as the Roman bus system is extensive and reaches every corner of the city. The most popularly used lines to get to the Vatican (mainly because they also connect to other major sites across the city) are:

  • Bus #492, which will leave you in Piazza Risorgimento, where you will be equidistant (about a 5 to 7 minute walk either way) from the Museum entrance (west of Risorgimento) and Piazza San Pietro (south of Risorgimento)
  • Bus #62, which will leave you right at the bottom of Via Della Conciliazione, the big street that leads right up to the Piazza and Basilica
  • Bus #64, which will leave you at the Terminal Gianicolo, which is just a couple minutes walk south of the Piazza.

You can reference this handy map for a full overview of the city´s bus lines and routes:Map of Rome


Getting to the Vatican by Metro is quite simple as well. Take the Metro Line A which you can catch from some of the most popular parts of town (i..e. the Spanish Steps, Barberini / the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Repubblica, Piazza del Popolo, Termini Station…), and get off at either the Lepanto stop or the Ottaviano stop. The latter is just a little closer in terms of walking distance, but the former allows you to walk down on the popular shopping street via Cola di Rienzo, should you want to do that.

You can reference this metro map for a list of stops on both Metro lines that service the city (line A and line B) and see exactly where to get off for the Vatican.

How to get to Vatican city - by metro


If you are looking to walk to the Vatican, that is also easy, but I only recommend doing that if you are already in the center of town (wouldn´t recommend it from the Colosseum). It is about a half hour walk from sites like Trastevere, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and Piazza del Popolo, and only a stone´s throw away from Castel Sant´Angelo.

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