When visiting Rome, it’s important that travelers and tourists remember to keep the Eternal City clean. If you act sustainably during your trip, you’ll not only gain the respect of locals but you’ll also play a key role in keeping Rome’s amazing monuments, parks, and city streets preserved and tidy. Although it may seem simple, visiting the city requires certain knowledge of how to correctly dispose of your used items. On most city streets in Rome, you’ll find large collection bins that vary in shape and in color. Each bin corresponds to a certain type of waste or recyclable material. Here is what you should know about recycling and trash disposal in Rome:



Lids, jars, bottles, and other receptacles made from glass can be disposed of in these green, cylindrical containers. Simply drop your recyclable item into one of the top openings.



Square receptacles with blue tops and black bottoms are meant for plastic waste including but not limited to bottles, bags, and wrappers. They can also be used for the disposal of small items made of metal.



Food waste can be disposed of in these square bins with brown tops. Before you dispose of your food here, make sure you have removed any paper wrappers or plastic containers.



Square containers with white tops are used to collect paper products and cardboard.



Finally, for items that can’t be placed in any of the previous bins,  square bins with black tops are meant for all non-recyclable materials.



You’ll also find smaller bins for compost and recycling around the streets of Rome. The color code of the tops of these bins corresponds to the tops of the larger bins.

Additionally, on many street corners and parks you’ll find small bins meant for general trash collection, seen here below:


You’re now ready to begin your sustainable journey to Rome!

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