Are you a lover of Gorgonzola (blue cheese)? It’s one of those things that you either love or you hate but if you are one of the former, you’ll have fun with this Italian pasta recipe.

Italian Pasta recipe spaghettiGorgonzola was first produced in the 15th century in the town of Gorgonzola, near Milan. In the 1800s its popularity grew as it began to be imported out of the country, particularly to England, for the first time. There are actually two kinds of gorgonzola: dolce (sweet) which is creamier and is characterized by a less pungent taste, and piccante (spicy) which has a slightly firmer consistency and whose taste (and smell) is definitely stronger and more decisive. This particular recipe calls for the sweet gorgonzola and the optional addition of a cooked beet or spinach is more to give the sauce some color (shocking pink with the beet, light green with the spinach) rather than altering the taste or taking away from the gorgonzola.

Gorgonzola is best served with a red, full bodied wine to match its strong taste. And if, after you’ve made this recipe, you have leftover gorgonzola, serve it at the end of a meal with sliced pears!

Spaghetti alla Gorgonzola (Spaghetti with Gorgonzola sauce) Ingredients 

400 gr (16 oz) spaghetti
4 oz sweet gorgonzola cheeseSpaghetti with Gorgonzola sauce Ingredients
4 oz ricotta
3/4 cups heavy cream or 1/2+1/2
Grated parmesan
(optional: 1 boiled beet or cooked spinach, creamed)

Preparation for the Gorgonzola sauce

Dissolve gorgonzola over medium flame, add ricotta and the cream. As soon as it boils, remove from flame and cream in blender or food processor. Add 2 generous handfuls of grated parmesan (and the creamed beet or spinach, if using).

Preparation for the Spaghetti all Gorgonzola

Preparation for the Spaghetti all GorgonzolaCook pasta in salty boiling water according to package directions and drain, reserving some of the liquid. Return the pasta to the kettle and over a low flame, toss with the cheese sauce. If the consistency is too pasty, add some of the reserved liquid.

Serve with additional parmesan. Serves 4

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