The city of Catania is located at the foot of Mount Etna on the east coast of the Island of Sicily. Catania has been awarded UNSECO status due to it rich history, culture, and architecture with some of the best Baroque architectural sites in all of Italy. Let’s explore some of the best things to do and places to visit in Catania while traveling to Italy!

1 Mt Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe standing at 3329m along with being a UNESCO world heritage site.Various tour operators offer many ways to explore the fruit orchards and forests via walking trials, jeeps, hiking, or cycling.

2 Ursino Castle is a 13th century fortification built by Emperor Frederick II to defend against enemy incursions. The castle offers a free to visit museum and art gallery and scenic grounds to walk around and photograph.

3 Palazzo Biscari is a beautiful palace that offers the best example of baroque architecture in the entire city. The Palazzo has 700 rooms and chambers several in the rococo style with many artworks and frescos. The Palazzo is still the residence of the Biscari family and has been visited over the years by many influential artists and luminaries. The main halls of the Palazzo are still used for cultural and social events.

4 Monastero dei Benedettini is located at in the very heart of Catania. The Benedictine Monastery Complex includes structures such as the Marble Cloister, the Red Hall, and Basilica of Saint Nicolo. Along with being a UNESCO world heritage site the Monastero is also one of the largest structures of its kind in the world. A trip to the top of the dome of the basilica provide stunning views of the city.

5 The fish market located at the very center of the city provides some of the best locally sourced seafood in the area. The Market provides an unabashed look and opportunity to interact with the local populace.

6 Subterranean Catania provides a look at the older city prior to the volcanic eruption of 1693 and is a must see for any history or architecture buff.

7 The partially excavated Roman theater dating back the 2nd century AD provides a glimpse back to the days of Roman occupation. The Theater was made of lava stone, marble and brick and is oval shaped.

8 Piazza Del Duomo is the central square in Catania with many cafes, restaurants, and shops. Along with many architecture sites worth seeing such as the Fontana Dell’Amenano, and Catania Cathedral.

9 San Giovanni Port is one of the most scenic and renowned beaches in the entire city. With moored local fish boats and black rocks and ashes due to volcanic activity

Visit Catania a cultural and architectural marvel with a blend of Roman, Greek and Arab influences that’s a must see for anyone traveling to Sicily.



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