Steph | Ireland

Livitaly get it so right!!

From the very moment I emailed Kristin to plan our trip to Rome, she was an absolute pleasure to deal with! She advised us on the best trips to take for our family and the best time of day to take them! She sent a detailed confirmation email with contact number, google maps links etc… (not that we needed the number our lovely tour guides were always waiting for us) I am so sorry in advance tour guides! I have forgotten your names – I am extremely bad at this! Lucky to remember my own sometimes! Kristin I would be grateful if you commented in their names after!

First up was the Early morning Vatican tour!! This was incredible!!! Our tour guide was so knowledgeable! But the thing that struck me was her passion for the beautiful city and the art within the walls of the Vatican!! She explained every detail of the Sistine chapel! Without her the beauty of this place would have been lost on me!

Next up was the coliseum!! We had the most glamourous tour guide! She was another fountain of knowledge! Taking us through the mighty coliseum!! She answerd every question we had! And was in no rush to get through the tour! Her patience in the intense heat was remarkable!

Last but certainly not least was our lovely, quietly knowledgable tour guide for the sights of the city. We travelled in style through Rome on a golf buggy!!!! A really great way to get around in the heat!! My mom travelled with us so it was a wonderful way for her to see Rome!!! Our guide had a captivating story for every stop!! And he ended it by dropping us to a cafe with the BEST sandwich in Rome!

Honestly I could not recommend Livitaly enough!! The groups are small (just three of us in Vatican, 5 in coliseum and 3 of us again in golf buggy) and the guides are so attentive!! Shoot them through an email! Tell them what you are looking for and they will come back with a package that will MAKE your trip to Rome unforgettable!! I can’t wait to go back (and I’m writing this from the airport)

Thank you Livitaly so much!!!