James D. | Hills of Kentucky, USA

Florence Excursion From Livorno

I’ll “cut to the chase.” The Florence Excursion from Livorno was the best tour experience my wife and I have ever had. We loved the city and even better, we loved the tour guide, Raffaela. As another reviewer said similar, we could not imagine a person that would have been a more perfect spokesperson for the city. Her knowledge an d passion for Florence is second to none. I could keep going with more jubilation but there are other points to mention. I’ll not go into th e highlights of the city and the tour itinerary as that can be gotten from the website explanation. The tour heading is Best Florence Shore Excursion from Livorno, but since we were not there from a cruise ship, we requested to be picked up at our hotel. That was quickly arranged. The driver was prompt and very courteous. This was also the best chauffeur experience we have ever had. Alessandro was a most professional and friendly driver. I could also keep going about him. The entire trip and tour were flexible to our wishes and desires. Afterwards, it seemed we had known Raffaela and Alessandro for a long time. I’ll admit, the tour may seem expensive to many but we do not regret anything about it. We would do it again if t here is an opportunity for another Italian vacation. If there is even a re mote interest in this tour we highly recommend giving it a try. Livitaly Tours, Raffaela and Alessandro were a winning team that provided us with a d ay that will not be soon forgotten. Also, I must mention Kristin. She tolerated all my email questions, provided very helpful answers, and kept us updated on everything we needed to know prior to and during this and another tour. Thanks to all!