Stewart Matychuk | Canada

Great Food, Great Wine, and Great Company!

My wife, daughter, her boyfriend and I had the pleasure of having John as a guide on the Rome Food Small Group Tour and when I say pleasure, believe me, it was! My wife and I make it a habit to take a food tour early in our travels as we find it an excellent way to get some history to the area as well as a way to find great places to come back and eat. Most of the food tours we have been on are usually tastings at a lot of different venus. The Rome Food Small Group Tour was somewhat different as it was more meals at a few excellent venues. John was an excellent guide as his knowledge wasn’t focused so much of the history of the area but instead of the history of the food and how the different cultures sculpted it into what we have today. There was no shortage of food, wine, or laughs on this tour and as my daughters boyfriend said “the food to walking ratio was excellent”. I would highly recommend this tour as a must do when you have the privilege of being in Rome.