David Comer | USA

Small Group walking tour of Rome

I am so very glad that I chose this LivItaly small group offering for our walking tour through Rome. As luck would have it, this became a “private tour” for my 17 yo son and I, as no one also had signed up. The main reason for our good fortune, was that we enjoyed the guide services of Rachel, a fellow North Carolinian! A resident of Rome for many years, Rachel’s knowledge and experience of the ins and outs of Roman history and culture came bubbling out with great enthusiasm, paying close attention to our pace and desire to learn all we could along the tour. Frankly, in a tour group of more than six people, the “miked-up cattle call” will not offer the same level of enjoyment that you seek in your tours that you’ve spent hours and dollars planning. In my opinion, a LivItaly small group tour is the way to go!