As you may know, Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design with some of the most stylish clothes. Being stylish and up to date with the fashion trends is in the Italian culture, so you will see lots of very stylish people walking around Rome in beautiful clothes. If you get the chance to fit in some Rome shopping during your trip to Rome, you won’t regret it – you’ll find some of the best clothes here. One of the best things about the size of Rome is that there is a large variety of shopping areas which all have something different and unique about them. Make sure you wear your comfiest shoes because you can spend hours roaming the historic streets of Rome and buying some of the most beautiful and unique gifts for yourself and others.

If you are planning to visit some small Italian boutiques then you should know that the opening times vary throughout the week. On Monday morning, the shops are closed and open again around 3-4pm, and close around 7-8pm depending on the shop. During the week, on Tuesday-Friday, the shops normally open at around 9:30/10am, close around 1pm for lunch and open again at 3pm until 7-8pm. Whereas on the weekend it varies depending on the shop but most are open from 10am to 1pm and are closed all day on Sunday. Although this is true for small shops and boutiques in local neighbourhoods, the international shops and high-end shops are normally open throughout the day and weekend. But beware on major holidays most shops are completely closed.

Via del corso shopping romeVia del Corso | International Brands
Right in the center of Rome, beside Piazza del Popolo, you’ll find Via del Corso the home of the international shops. This is one of the longest and straightest streets in Rome where you will find shops such as; H&M, Zara and Nike with a variety of souvenir shops mixed in-between. Via del Corso itself is very different to any other shopping street in the world, with high-rise traditional coloured buildings giving it a real Italian feel. But beware, although this is one of the main shopping streets it only has two lanes which makes it very busy, especially during the weekend. If you’re vacationing in Rome then make sure you stop at La Rinascente Roma Galleria on Via del Corso, a high-end store with a huge advantage, you can get VAT back on what you buy – just make sure you bring your passport.

Via Margutta | Galleries & Boutique Shops
Although you could spend all day shopping till you drop on Via del Corso, if you veer behind and head up to Via Margutta, you’ll find a hidden gem. This small street is filled beautifully with hanging plants, art galleries and small shops – it’s no wonder that it has been called the artists quarter since the renaissance period. If you’re looking for something unique and antique or an escape from the busy streets, then this is place for you.

Piazza di spagna shoping romePiazza di Spagna | Designer Shops
(Via dei Condotti and Via Borgognona, main streets)

If you want to really treat yourself when you’re visiting Rome, Piazza di Spagna is the place. The two main streets around Piazza di Spagna; Via dei Condotti and Via Borgognona, have a huge variety of Italy’s most prestigious fashion brands ranging from Dior to Moschino. Located next to the Spanish Steps, you will get an amazing view of the beautiful Piazza while trying on some of the most fashionable high-end pieces. If you’re visiting Rome and want to invest in a lifetime piece of clothing, then this is the area for you – you will be spoilt with choice from all the amazing high-end brands.

Monti | Unique Urban Finds
(Via del Boschetto, Via dei Serpenti, Via Urbana and Via Panisperna)

If you want to buy something quirky and retro then Monti district is perfect for you, situated right in the heart of Rome between Termini area and the Roman Forum. The district is full little cobbled streets with hanging plants and with the Italian sun shining down on you it gives you a true Italian feel that we all imagine before visiting. If you’re looking for some hip items that you won’t find anywhere else then Via del Boschetto is perfect, there is a wide range of cafes and shops where you’ll find anything from vintage leather shoes to hand-made earrings as well as a tasty Italian espresso to keep you going. Although this street is full of retro shops, Via dei Serpenti, Via Urbana and Via Panisperna are also great places to explore, they are full of artisan shops where you can find high-end chic gifts for anyone. This area also has a variety of small Italian jewellery shops where you can find some hand-made pieces that you’ll never find anywhere else.

Piazza Navona shopping rome Piazza Navona | High Quality Italian Brands
(Via del Governo Vecchio, Via dei Coronari and Via dei Giubbonari)

Piazza Navona is arguably most famous for its sculptural fountains including Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers) created by Bernini but you may not know that right behind here is a shopping haven. Via del Governo Vecchio, situated right behind Piazza Navona is one of the main shopping streets in this area where you’ll find high-quality Italian shops. This area has become home to many Italian boutique shops, cafes and restaurants – if you are feeling peckish while shopping then head here for some fresh sandwiches and salads or even a famous Italian gelato. As you may know Italy is famous for its leather goods, this is the perfect area if you’re looking for a stylish leather bag, shoes or a gift. Most of the shops are unique in their high-quality pieces, although you may pay more for these items they are worth it as you’ll find the shops are full of stylish pieces.

Campo dei Fiori | Popular Shops
Close to Piazza Navona is the famous Campo dei Fiori, famous for its open-air fruit and veg market. But if you take a walk around the side streets then you will come across one of the areas that many Italians shop. Although there is a mix of some international shops in among this area, you’ll be able to spot the trendy boutique shops that are full of Italian designs. Among the small streets you’ll come across Via dei Baullari which is full of artisan clothing and jewelry stores where you can find some unique items. For men, this is also a go to area where you’ll find very stylish Italian shops scattered all over the area full of jackets, coats and leather goods.

Trastevere shopping rome Trastevere | Local Artisanal Shops
Crossing the River Tiber, you’ll come across Trastevere, an ancient working class neighborhood. In the evening, this is one of the most popular areas for Italians and tourists to go to, the streets are full of people having aperitivo, chatting with friends and enjoying the Italian weather. During the day Trastevere has of a mix of cafes, little shops and art galleries full with both the locals and tourists. Among the intertwined cobbled streets you can find some unique shops that sell some of the best Italian food and little boutique shops. If you’re looking for clothes, then start in Via di San Francesco di Ripi and work your way to the Via del Moro area which has a larger variety of shops. Although the Trastevere area is a little outside of the center of Rome, it is such a unique and special area that it’s worth crossing the river to get to! Trastevere is also home to one of Rome’s flea markets, Porta Portese. If you’re looking for some more unique and second hand items, then this is the place for you!  This market is open every Sunday from early in the morning to around 1pm and you’ll find a variety of things from coins to clothes. But beware that this area gets very crowded as the day goes on so keep an eye on your belongings.

Prati | International & Italian Brands Mixed
North of Trastevere you’ll find the Prati area, beside the Vatican museums. This is the perfect area if you’re looking to get two things in one, you can visit Vatican City and enjoy some shopping after. The most popular street Via Cola di Rienzo has a mix of international and Italian shops where you can find everything you’re looking for. The area isn’t as big as Via del Corso but has many similar shops – except there is more space to walk around in Prati then in the center of Rome. Via Cola di Rienzo and Viale Giulo Cesare homes many shoe, clothing and jewelry shops where you can pick up some Italian fashion without the hustle and bustle of hundreds of other people.

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