Founder and co-owner

"Angelo was born and raised in Rome by an Italian father and an American mother.

His passion for his city turned into a job and he spent many years working as a tour guide before opening Livitaly Tours.

His goal was a company that offered a living experience in Italy, so you can thank him for your small group size! Never one to shy away from adventure, Angelo’s enthusiasm has led to a collaboration with Ferrari, a guided hike up Vesuvius and an exciting package with his favorite sports team, AS Roma."


Co-owner and manager

"Kristin is the Swedish logistical mastermind behind everything that makes Livitaly operate (she even has a degree in it!).

Her love for everything Italian brought her here for the first time to study the language and in 2011 she made the leap, moved to Rome, and has been making Livitaly Tours great ever since.

And did we mention? Kristin is also a passionate runner and created our wonderful Rome running tours!"


PR manager

"Rachel came to Rome accidentally after finishing her degree at UNC-Chapel Hill.

She immediately fell in love with the Eternal City and has not left since.

When she isn’t keeping Livitaly social (find us on your favorite social media and chat with her!) she can be found discovering `new` secrets in the city, eating as much Italian food as possible and attempting to cook using only seasonal ingredients."


Sales and Technology

"Shweta came to Rome to Pursue a Masters in Marketing and Communications. Despite several destinations offering amazing education, her wanderlust, love for the arts and culture (and of course Pizzas!!!) brought her to Italy!

Besides finding new ways to digitize your Livitaly experience, she spends her spare time painting – inspired by the very sepia like Roman light!"


Marketing and Branding

"Martina is the Italian of the team, she was born in the north with origins from the south, now living in Rome, no wonder she knows every bit of Italy. She has a master degree in Marketing and Communication.

Her passion for traveling and art history brought her around the world. She lived for a while in Spain until she realized that she could not stay away from italian coffee and pasta."


HR manager

"Doris is the most important member of the Livitaly Tours team.

As our Director of Human Resources, she keeps the office happy and is always available to offer moral support or cuddles."