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Colosseum Virtual Reality Tour | Arena Floor & Ancient City

Experience Rome as it was 2000 years ago with LivItaly VR cardboard glasses
Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill in one tour
Get skip-the-line access into the iconic Colosseum, no waiting on line
Learn about epic battles and more from your expert LivItaly tour guide
Download the LivItaly app which includes VR reconstructions of Rome & more


  • Colosseum Tour

    Fantastic tour, we saw they offered tours in Venice as well. Knowing what a great experience we had on the first tour we just booked another tour in Venice. Repeat business is the most sincere compliment I can provide. read more

    Dean | USA
  • Colosseum with Virtual Reality

    Just been on a Coliseum and Ancient Rome tour for small group this morning and it was awesome beside the heat (37.c). We were in a group of 4 and our guide Francesca was excellent ! Our initial group had… read more

    Rossignol | France
  • Colisseum Tour (Sergio)

    My girlfriend and I took the Colisseum/Palantine/Forum tour guided by the ever informative Sergio and it was insanely amazing. The tour was small (6 people) and was perfect for getting all the information you can about the splendid environment you… read more

    Jeff | United States
  • Ancient Forum Tour with Tania Bonifazi

    We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Ancient Rome with Tania. Her knowledge and passion for the history of Rome made the tour a wonderful experience. read more

    Laura K | United States

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