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Colosseum Underground Tour with Arena, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

Get VIP access to the Colosseum underground & arena floor
Enjoy a semi-private tour with no more than 6 people max
Climb the Palatine Hill and get a mix of history & spectacular views of Rome
Tour the renowned Roman Forum and learn about everyday Ancient Roman life
Get a complete overview of the most iconic site in Rome in just 3 hours


  • Best Day Ever in Rome

    Davide Falasca was fantastic! This one-of-a-kind Roman combined his vast knowledge of his hometown with a great sense of humor and an innate ability to connect to make this a most memorable day. He even offered some priceless recommendations for… read more

    Jerry Gray | United States
  • Amazing Tour!

    We had an amazing time with Mara as our tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and made sure we were as comfortable as possible in the sweltering July heat-making sure we had enough shade and water. Mara (a native Roman)… read more

    James | USA
  • Amazing Colosseum Underground Tour

    Barbara was a wonderful guide and a fountain of knowledge during the Colosseum Underground and Ancient Rome Tour. It was a lot of walking but we loved it! read more

    Shirley Paddock | USA
  • Amazing Experience

    Our tour with Livitaly on 5/19 was amazing and Rachel was the best tour guide we've ever had! It was such a cool experience to go onto the Arena Floor, walk through the same gate the gladiators would have and… read more

    Michael Paranczuk | Canada
  • Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome Tour

    Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and took all the time we wanted to ensure our group got the most out of the experience. The underground tour was well worth it as you get to see so much more of the… read more

    Joshua Sulier |

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