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Private Carrara Marble Tour Adventure

Spend the day at an active marble quarry site via Land Rover - a true Italian adventure
Learn about Carrara marble, Michelangelo's raw meterial
Take a Land Rover ride to the Apuan Alpines where views are breathtaking
Get a comprehensive overview of Carrara & Carrara marble with a private tour guide
Learn about 2000 years of history in one adventure filled Tuscan afternoon

Price Explanation

Base Price

up to 2 adults all inclusive

... 539€ 937.86$ 501.27£ 636.02$

The Base Price is for up to 2 (two) participants. The total tour cost for parties of 3 or more participants varies depending on your group composition as outlined in the Additional Participants table below. Prices include all tour fees as well as administration costs to all sites on your chosen itinerary. The Land Rover is booked exclusively for yourself. Optionals:
- A tour of Lucca, transfer to the Quarries with light lunch in the town of Colonnata
- Private Chauffuer available at your complete disposal all day with free time in Lucca

Each Additional Participant


and over

... 259€ 450.66$ 240.87£ 305.62$


with valid Student ID

... 254€ 441.96$ 236.22£ 299.72$



... 249€ 433.26$ 231.57£ 293.82$



... 244€ 424.56$ 226.92£ 287.92$