3 hrs
Offered on:
Every day 12:30pm and 6:00pm
Meeting Point:
Piazza della Signoria
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Private Florence Food Tour | Food & Wine

Visit an historic winery & enjoy cured meats, cheeses and wines
Enjoy typical Florence street food - a lampredotto sandwich
Sit down at a local restaurant and feast on traditional pasta
Top your day off with a proper Florentine gelato in the city center
See some landmark city sites such as Piazza della Signoria

Price Explanation

Base Price

up to 2 adults all inclusive

... 349€ 565.38$ 321.08£ 383.9$

The Base Price is for up to 2 (two) participants. The total tour cost for parties of 3 or more participants varies depending on your group composition as outlined in the Additional Participants table below. Prices include all tour fees as well as administration costs to all sites on your chosen itinerary.

Each Additional Participant


and over

... 79€ 127.98$ 72.68£ 86.9$


with valid Student ID

... 74€ 119.88$ 68.08£ 81.4$



... 69€ 111.78$ 63.48£ 75.9$



... 64€ 103.68$ 58.88£ 70.4$