90 mins
Offered on:
Various dates
Meeting Point:
Piazza San Marco
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Private St Marks at Night Tour | Exclusive Basilica Access in the Dark

Get exclusive VIP access to St Mark's Basilica at night: alone in St Mark's
Experience the unique light show, illuminating an ancient mosaic ceiling
See the highlights with no crowds - Pala d'oro and the crypts
Learn about the many hidden meanings of designs that adorn the church
Book a one of a kind experience reserved only for LivItaly Tour travelers

Price Explanation

Base Price

up to 2 adults all inclusive

... 299€ 478.4$ 269.1£ 358.8$

The Base Price is for up to 2 (two) participants. The total tour cost for parties of 3 or more participants varies depending on your group composition as outlined in the Additional Participants table below. Prices include all tour fees as well as administration costs to all sites on your chosen itinerary.

Each Additional Participant


and over

... 59€ 94.4$ 53.1£ 70.8$


with valid Student ID

... 54€ 86.4$ 48.6£ 64.8$



... 49€ 78.4$ 44.1£ 58.8$



... 44€ 70.4$ 39.6£ 52.8$

Transfer Options

With the pickup option your guide will pick you up directly from your hotel's lobby and walk you to the tour. If your hotel requires transportation you will be requested to cover that cost separately. Guarantee stress-free. One way only.


... 55€ 88$ 49.5£ 66$