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Piazza Mattei (near Turtle Fountain)
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Rome Food Small Group Tour - Eat Like a Roman!

Experience a 5 course dinner throughout various stops in the heart of Rome
Start your meal off like Italians - with a pre-dinner cheese & wine aperitivo
Be guided through the Jewish Ghetto of Rome & learn about Jewish Roman cuisine
Learn the secrets of the perfect Roman pasta while enjoying a view of the Pantheon
Experience food & history in 1 tour - see the exact spot where Caesar was murdered


  • Food tour!

    A great tour. The guide did an amazing job mixing in knowledge on food and Roman culture. Having an expert take you around really adds to the fun! read more

    william peterman | United States
  • Delicious Rome Food Small Group Tour

    Reliable, knowledgeable, tasty food! read more

    Karen Grimmond |
  • Excellent Food Tour

    We signed up for a food tour and had a fabulous time. I have two teenagers that also enjoyed the food and the history that was shown to us as we walked through Rome. Our guide Laura, was fun, knowledgeable… read more

    Sherie Allen | USA
  • Fabulous Rome Food Small Group Tour

    The Food Tour with Tiffany was fabulous. She led us through areas of Rome we otherwise would not have walked through and had us try traditional Roman dishes. Tiffany shared great information with us and we had a lovely evening… read more

    Heather Winter |
  • Excellent tour!

    I really enjoyed my food tour! Not only was there so much incredible food, but we walked around the historic center and Jewish ghetto and learned some history. Our guide was lovely. Great way to explore Rome! read more

    Megan Peterman | United States

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