3 hrs
Offered on:
Every day from 9am to 4pm
Meeting Point:
Piazza della Repubblica
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Vespa Sidecar Tour | Vespa Tour Rome

Experience Rome in a unique way in a custom-made Italian Vespa sidecar
Enjoy riding in comfort with your Private LivItaly tour guide leading the way
See much more of the eternal city than you ever could in any other way
Visit famous sites and hidden gems, zipping down side streets like a local
Capture amazing photo opportunities, stopping whenever you like

Price Explanation

Base Price

up to 2 adults all inclusive

... 349€ 558.4$ 314.1£ 418.8$

The Base Price is for up to 2 (two) participants. The total tour cost for parties of 3 or more participants varies depending on your group composition as outlined in the Additional Participants table below. Prices include all tour fees, rental of one Vespa sidecar for every two people and one driver hired to driver the Vespa, as well as administration costs to all sites on your chosen itinerary.

Each Additional Participant


... 149€ 238.4$ 134.1£ 178.8$

Additional Options

One way pickup service

up to 3 pax

... 50€ 80$ 45£ 60$

One way pickup service

up to 6 pax

... 70€ 112$ 63£ 84$

One way pickup service

up to 9 pax

... 120€ 192$ 108£ 144$

One way pickup service

up to 15 pax

... 180€ 288$ 162£ 216$