2 hrs
Offered on:
Every day at 5PM, 6PM or 7PM
Meeting Point:
Campo San Giacometto
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Are you interested in life after death? Do you like stories about ghosts, murders and souls remaining in places for specific reasons? Wouldn't you imagine that a city with history as rich as Venice would have an immense amount of creepy stories?

A truly spooky ghost tour in Venice!
Enjoy a gondola ride to set the mood
Learn the thrilling history of the city of canals

Price Explanation

Base Price

up to 2 adults all inclusive

... 379€ 606.4$ 341.1£ 454.8$

The Base Price is for up to 2 (two) participants. The total tour cost for parties of 3 or more participants varies depending on your group composition as outlined in the Additional Participants table below. Prices include all tour fees as well as administration costs to all sites on your chosen itinerary.

Each Additional Participant


and over

... 59€ 94.4$ 53.1£ 70.8$


with valid Student ID

... 54€ 86.4$ 48.6£ 64.8$



... 49€ 78.4$ 44.1£ 58.8$



... 44€ 70.4$ 39.6£ 52.8$

Transfer Options

With the transfer option a private chaffeur will pick you up directly from your hotel's lobby and drive you to the meeting point where you will be greeted by your tour guide. Guarantee stress-free. One way only.


... 55€ 88$ 49.5£ 66$