Venice is even more charming in person than it is in pictures and movies.  Built on 118 small islands separated by canals, it is arguably one of the most unique cities in Italy.  To get from island to island, you must go by foot – crossing numerous bridges, or by water – traveling in a gondola or ferry.  The canals are surrounded by colorful buildings, making Venice a beautiful maze.Venice

While in Venice, walk down one of the less-traveled side streets and stop at a restaurant for fresh seafood accompanied by a glass of wine from the Veneto region.  One “side street gem” where you can find a meal like this is Bentigodi l’osteria di chef Domenico, a restaurant located at Cannaregio 1423.  Here you can have a casual, yet delicious Venetian dinner while listening to live music.  They serve every kind of seafood that you can imagine and a number of pasta dishes as well. The staff is incredibly friendly and even threw in a free dessert for my dinner group.


Mediterranean fish and vegetables at Bentigodi restaurant in Venice

While you’re in Venice, don’t forget to stop by a shop or visit the Murano islands to buy yourself or your loved ones a souvenir made from the famous Murano glass!

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