You don’t have to have been to Italy to know that THIS is the land of fashion. Never have I ever left the house wearing something that made me look and feel like I had just gotten out of bed, and never have I ever seen anyone else do it either. Appearance is very important to us Italians. It affirms status, elegance, class. But most of all, it’s sexy.

Italy | The land of fashion

what to wear in Italy

Italy is a very sensual country, from the shape of its lands to the people living in its voluptuous curves. Sensuality is part of everyday life and it exudes from the landscape, the buildings, and, of course, the people. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s famous autobiography EAT PRAY LOVE she tells a tale of how a friend she made in Italy thought every city had its “word”. When he was asked what was Rome’s word, his reply was s.e.x.!

Needless to say, you can’t be sexy if you’re looking like a slob, nor will you think anyone else is!

Dress like an Italian (aka break out your stilettos)

We suffer for fashion, for looking good, and for our beloved sensuality. The women will much prefer wearing a pair of heels walking around the cobblestoned and uneven streets, perhaps getting stuck between rocks or feeling on the verge of falling the entire time, than feeling sloppy and unsexy in their flip flops. In the same vein, the men could never feel sexy enough to catch said woman’s attention if they are lounging around with their toes hairs showing (not sexy). That is why flip flops are a no go in this peninsula. If you see someone walking around in flip flops, you can be certain they are not Italian.

what to wear in Italy - heels

Also, it must be noted that being surrounded by such natural and architectural majesty and beauty, you must match it and elevate it by us too looking gorgeous and regal by shopping in the best shops in Rome. It doesn’t feel right to walk around the majestic beauty of neighborhoods like Prati or Monti, be surrounded by gorgeous fountains and villas and monuments, and meet them with a less than equal appearance. If the city is beautiful, we too must meet it pride and look beautiful.

Don’t bring your flipflops

what to wear in Italy - don't bring your flip flops

So if you are coming to Italy and you want to live it, if you want to embrace the sensuality and beauty of the land and its people, leave your flip flops at home. I guarantee you won’t miss them. (ok maybe you will when you are hot and sweaty at the end of a long summer day, but if Italians can do it, so can you!)


  1. you are very right. As an italian I don’t understand why americans love flipflops so much. They are not suitable for lonk walks and your feet are always filthy.

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