Looking for something fun to do near Mount Vesuvius? Why not have lunch at Cantina del Vesuvio and enjoy some locally produced wine and food! Taste, try and choose your favorites!Italian wine

Cantina del Vesuvio, a vineyard located in Naples, Italy, has been operating for more than 60 years. Their vineyard is located about 50 yards from the estate, so all of their wine is cultivated and bottled in-house. The minerals in the soil create a deliciously different taste to their wines. Cantina del Vesuvio offers a wide range of wines including white, red, rosé, sparkling rosé and many after dinner liquors. They do not sell their products to any stores or markets; you are only able to purchase them at the vineyard!

All of the food served at Cantina del Vesuvio is also made with local ingredients. They grow their tomatoes, olives, greens and other ingredients in their garden alongside the vineyard.italian wine

Cantina del Vesuvio offers a wine tasting lunch experience that is one not to miss! The food couldn’t be more fresh and the taste of their wine is unlike any other! After lunch, you will have the opportunity to purchase any or all of the wines that you have tasted!

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