Andrew and Laura | Canada

Small Group Colosseum Underground

There were 5 of us in our group and we had an absolutely amazing tour of the Colosseum Underground, tier 3, and Palatine Hill with our guide, Thomas. He was very knowledgeable, not just on the scripted parts of the tour but also on the additional questions (which were many!) that we came up with. Thomas provided us with the accepted theory answers as well as entertaining us with his own personal theories and all in all I would say he was an exceptional guide!

The tour was well worth it to see areas off-limits to the general public and it was a completely different experience to what we had on our last visit, which was only the public accessible spots.

We did manage to hit all the markers of the tour, but what we really appreciated was the ability to get a more personal and in depth tour in the particular areas we were interested in, lingering longer in some areas than in others while Thomas answered our questions.

I would highly recommend LivItaly, and a special thank you to Thomas for making this tour so memorable!