Our Mission is to help you, the traveler, truly live and experience everything that Italy has to offer. However, we also want you to help us preserve and protect Italy for future generations to continue to enjoy living the Italian dream. It is precisely because of this that LivItaly, despite being a luxury tour company, is dedicated to the principles of sustainable and responsible travel.

What is Responsible Tourism?

Put simply, responsible tourism takes into account present and future impacts of tourist activity.

It examines these impacts through economic, social and environmental dimensions, taking into account the changing needs of the industry, the destination, the local community and the tourists.

As a tour operator we are aware that we are dependent on the natural and cultural environment of Italy. Sustainable tourism examines short-term and long-term impact of tourist activity and recognizes our responsibility in the cultural preservation of the country and its destinations.

Why practice Responsible Tourism?

What this means is that we at LivItaly Tours do everything we can to insure that our guests have the most local and authentic Italian experience possible. We work hard to minimize the impact we have on the culture of Italy by educating our guests and encouraging each individual to live Italy consciously and responsibly.

What can you do?

1. Eat Local, Buy Local- Part of Living Italy is buying gifts and eating food and drinking wine that is actually from Italy. While you’re living la dolce vita, check that you’re really living Italy by being local. Our guides and staff are delighted to provide you with suggestions on restaurants, shops and beyond.

2. Respect while you Live- In Italy, it is quite common to find more litter and cigarette butts on the ground than you might be used to. However, this does not mean that Italy does not have the right systems in place, and we kindly remind our clients that while you’re living Italy, remember to respect the natural environment by throwing away rubbish, recycling when possible and leaving the country a little more beautiful than you found it.

3. Leave the ruins- While we understand the natural desire to bring back just a teeny piece of Ancient history home with you, we remind our clients that the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venetian Canals are all still around precisely because people have respected them over the centuries. Please remember that ruins look much better in Italy than they would displayed on your fireplace at home.

What is LivItaly doing?

1. Small groups. By limiting our group size to a maximum of 6 participants, we allow guests to truly experience Italy on every step of their experience with us. This not only means no following an anonymous umbrella, it also means that the personal interaction with our local guides gives the possibility of sharing the aspects that regard Italian life, its environment, politics, economics, social issues, etc.

2. IPads and Internet Bookings. We are committed to having a zero-print policy which is why we are proud that our company is completely online. For you, the traveler, this means no worrying about printing your reservation slip or bringing millions of papers to your booking. All we ask is your name and reservation code and we will take care of the rest.

For our guides, this means each expert guide is provided with an iPad, meaning zero printing and waste of paper for signs, pictures, and other visual aides.

3. No headsets. We believe in the most personal experience on your tour, which is why we have never used headsets with our tours. Not only is this a wonderful way to experience and interact with your guide, it also means we do not throw away thousands of disposable headsets each year.

4. Give back . We firmly believe that our formula is the winning essence of how we give back. By guaranteeing max 6 participants on our small groups and/or only delivering private services, we automatically treat and interact with monuments, art pieces, people, local businesses, transportation, sidewalks, traffic, in a very different way than all if not most other tour operators. Moreover, LivItaly has an ongoing program designed to support in various ways all that regards socio-economics of Italy. Not only has LivItaly donated to various charity foundations in the past, but has/will also first-hand sponsored team sports for underprivileged children, organized evenings events to deliver goods to the homeless of Rome, and is continuing to promote and provide social work in every way we can think of.