Meet the LivItaly Team

LivItaly Tours is a family owned tour company with plenty of adopted family members, all of whom have a passion for Italy. We offer 200+ tours in over 25 cities with expert guides who will help you fall in love with Italian history, culture and food. Get to know the LivItaly Team and know that you are booking with the best!

Angelo Carotenuto

Founder & Co-owner

Kristin Karstendotter

Co-owner & Director

Davide Falasca

Rome Guide Manager

Marie Knopp

Venice Guide Manager

Camilla Marica

Customer Service & Sales Manager

Olivia Rossi

Florence Greeter

Giulia Carotenuto

B2B Manager

Raffaela Lan Pellegrini

Florence Guide Manager

Dario Oddenino

Head of Technology

Alex Gerard Sereno

Italy Tour Greeting Manager

Laura Talafer

Operations Manager

Sara Ponzi

Rome Greeter

Josephine Ma

Paris Manager

Ferit Onger

Paris Manager


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