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9am - 3:30pm CET
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Your living room
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Live Stroll of Montmartre, From Sacre Cœur to Cabaret | LivWalks Paris

- See real-time highlights of the charming city of Paris right from your very own home
- Take a virtual walk of Montmarte & see Sacre Cœur, Place du Tertre, Moulin de la Galette & more
- Feel like you are in the heart of Paris - LivWalks is the closest thing to being here
- Ask as many questions as you like, and have your private guide answer in real-time

Price Explanation

Per user

Per user

... 60€ 104.4$ 55.8£ 70.8$

Price includes entry into live session per user. You can be as many as you want in front of the screen.