Deemed one of the most romantic cities in Italy, Verona was the backdrop for the most tragic love story of all times, Romeo and Juliet. And for this reason, it’s impossible to visit Verona without seeing Juliet’s infamous balcony.

Verona skyline

You can find Juliet’s house at Casa di Giulietta at N.23 of Via Cappello. And even though Romeo and Juliet were fictional characters, when you stand underneath the balcony and picture William Shakespeare’s love scene, you can almost feel their presence. But before you see this iconic spot of lost love, we have a few fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Juliet’s house:

fun facts about Juliets house in Verona

#1 For those of you who are superstitious, legend has it that if you touch the right breast of Juliet’s statue, it will bring you good luck in finding your one true love!

#2 The balcony where Juliet stood is not a part of the original detailing of the structure.

#3 The balcony was made from a sarcophagus from the 17th century.

#4 To this day, people write letters to Juliet asking for relationship advice. The responses are from people who call themselves the “Juliet Secretaries” and write from the upstairs room in Juliet’s house.

#5 People used to be able to write notes declaring their love for someone on the courtyard walls.

#6 The house became the subject of a film known as “Letters to Juliet”.

#7 Like in Shakespeare’s play, Juliet’s house is from the 14th century.

#8 All the rooms are filled with pieces from the era of Romeo and Juliet.

#9 The house originally belonged to the Capello family.

#10 The bronze statue outside of the house is evidence that Juliet did exist.

#11 Verona bought the house from the Capello family in 1905.

#12 As a tradition, people write their name and the name of their lover on a lock and put it on a gate in the back left of the courtyard.

#13 Ever since the 1930’s, more than 5,000 letters are received every year.

#14 Three-quarters of the letters are from women.

#15 To avoid desecration, people put their love notes on replaceable panels or sheets.

#16 The Juliet statue had to be moved to the Museum Castelvecchio due to damages from love-sick tourists.

#17 The house is vacant except for Juliet’s bed.

#18 To enter the legendary house, you have to costs two euros.

#19 Newlywed couples can pay 5,000 euros to spend their first honeymoon night in Juliet’s house.

#20 The real-life versions of Romeo and Juliet never had a feud between the two families.

Love and Verona are one in the same. If you haven’t already found your true love, best leave your letter at Juliet’s house when you visit Verona!

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