It’s not surprising that they say that everyone falls in love with Rome, with so much history in the city, how could you not? The city of Rome is essentially an outdoor museum which allows its visitors to step back through several eras by just taking a sunset walk through the cities highlights to enjoy the views of Rome. One of our favorite ways to see the cities extensive history is by looking over the city and enjoying the beautiful views of Rome. You will be able to see history that dates back 2500 years mixed with modern life. janiculum_view_of_rome

Janiculum Hill | Skyline view over Rome

The Janiculum or Gianicolo was the second tallest hill in ancient Rome. It was thought to be the center of the cult of the god known as Janus, and so its name. Due to its stunning location which overlooks the city, it is thought that the cult’s clerics would stand on top of the hill and seek help from the gods.


National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II | Views over the ancient city

The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, or Il Vittoriano as known by locals, is an amazingly large building made of white marble. The monument was constructed in tribute to Victor Emanuel II. The ancient building is a great attraction to people from all parts of Rome owing to its bright white color which sticks out in a collection of earth-colored structures. After taking the glass elevator to the rooftop terrace, you get to admire a 360-degree view of Rome. The Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Colosseum are right before your eyes. It is possible to see the entire city of Rome.


The Capitoline Hill | Hill views over Rome

The Capitoline Hill is considered the smallest and most significant of the seven ancient hills of Rome. As the religious and political heart of Rome, the Capitoline became a symbol of Rome’s reign as the capital of the world. Nowadays, the hill still signifies the heart of Rome and it is an ideal starting point for a tour of the timeless city. The Roman Forum was the key ritual, civic and political center and is situated in a valley separating the Palatine and Capitoline Hills. The archaeological ruins of the Roman Forum itself continue providing essential insights into ancient Rome.



Garden of Orange Trees | Panoramic views of Rome

Between Circo Massimo and Lungotevere Aventino, there is a gem with a paranormal atmosphere waiting to be discovered. In the Garden of Orange Trees, or Giardino Degli Aranci, throughout the garden the orange trees add fascination. The garden is so private that the sight from the backyard will be a little secret between the city and you. The Garden of Orange Trees is a truly peaceful little park with remarkable views stretching across the Rome rooftops all the way up to St Peter’s Basilica.


Palatine Hill | Views over the ancient city

According to the Roman legend, the Palatine Hill was the birthplace of Remus and Romulus, the twin brothers who were suckled and raised by a she-wolf and later became the founders of Rome. Masked in legend, the Palatine Hill is a place of delight. Evoking icons of the ancient homes of imperial leaders and the ensuing Farnese gardens, this great cradle of the human race nowadays is an open-air museum.

Nicknamed as the Eternal City, Rome is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway or perhaps even a celebration. The views of Rome offer an array of activities for people who want to regenerate their love life. The city has so much to offer, especially for couples who want to make their city vacation exceptional.


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