Venice is home to some of the most interesting and amazing sights in Italy, and that includes some of the churches in the city. Check out some of these gorgeous Instagram photos of Venice Churches which will inspire you to visit more churches while you’re in Venice!

#1 Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari, Venice
Location: Calle del Scaleter, 3072, Venice
Located in the heart of the San Polo region in Venice, this church is one of the more important churches in Venice as it’s dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

#2 Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice
Location: Dorsoduro, 1, Venice
This beautiful church was built in the 17th century by the survivors of the plague out of thanks to God for helping them get through tough times. Even for the non-religious, visiting this church can still be a neat experience!

#3 Church of Santissimo Redentore, Venice
Location: Redentore, Sestiere Giudecca, Venice
This church is one of the most famous and venerated churches in Venice, and it was also built by plague survivors out of thanks and devotion to the Christian God.

#4 Basilica of San Giovanni e Paolo, Venice
Location: Castello, 6363, Venice
The church of San Giovanni e Paolo began construction in the 14th century and wasn’t completed until the 15ht century, and it boasts of beautiful artwork and the tombs of several important Dukes of Venice.

#5 Church of Madonna Dell’Orto, Venice
Location: Cannareggio, 3512, Venice
Originally built in the 14th century, this church is home to several gorgeous works of art and amazing facades that almost everyone who visits can appreciate.


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