I have been tour guiding at the Vatican Museums almost daily for the last 11 years at any time of the day and night. And no matter what, after a 3,5 hrs Vatican tour around the amazing artwork & Sistine Chapel, everyone is always hungry and the question arrives promptly: “Where is the best place to eat in the Vatican area?

Where to eat in the Vatican area

Finding food around the Vatican area is no easy task. It can be hard to find quality food in areas that see thousands of visitors every day. Now we don’t want you to get stuck in the tourist traps and not enjoy your meal, so here are our favorite restaurants that we suggest that you visit.

For a healthy meal in the Vatican Area

Lunch Vatican#1 Fa-Bio
Location: Via Germanico, 43, Rome
Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri; 10:30AM-5:30PM ; Sat 10:30AM-4PM; Sun closed

Fa-Bio offers lighter lunches such as salads, sandwiches and soups. Everything is organic, fresh and tasty. They have plenty of vegan and vegetarian alternatives and is a perfect place if you have  any allergies or intolerances. This restaurant has been recently renovated so you will get to enjoy the new area & menu full of delicious fresh food! However, it is also an excellent place for take away if you’re looking to just grab something and go. They also make delicious fresh drinks for an extremely reasonable price! You are served by the owners who speak English, Italian and French fluently so don’t worry if you’re Italian isn’t top notch. Where to eat after the Vatican Tour

#2 L’insalata ricca
Location: Piazza del Risorgimento, 5-6, Rome.
Opening Hours; Everyday 12-3:30PM ; 5PM-12AM

If you’re looking for a delicious salad – L’Insalata Ricca is the place for you! This restaurant has a huge range of salads ranging from greek salads to tuna salads. If you’re with a big group, this restaurant is also great as it has a huge menu with lots of traditional Italian dishes including pasta and pasta which are sure to make the kids happy! Although the restaurant in the Vatican area isn’t huge, if you’re traveling with a small group this is a great spot to stop at but as like many restaurants in Rome, this restaurant also has a takeaway option!

For sandwich & pizza in the Vatican area

Duecento Gradi - Where to eat in the Vatican area#3 Duecento Gradi
Location: Piazza del Risorgimento, 3, Rome.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu; 10AM – 2AM, Fri-Sat; 11AM-5AM

This is a paradise for anyone who enjoys a delicious panino (Sandwich). This is easy to take away if you are on the run or want to find a nice bench in the shade. Just imagine putting your teeth through fresh baked warm bread, creamy cheese and salty ham with delicious Italian tomatoes, there really is nothing more Italian! The menu is huge with lots of interesting flavors. Now if you don’t want a sandwich, there is also the option to get a delicious salad. All sandwiches & salads are made on demand and can therefore be customized after your desire.

#4 Alice Pizzeria
Location: Via delle Grazie 7, Rome.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat; 8AM-7PM; Sun; 8AM-6PM

This is considered to be one of the top pizza-by-the-slice joints Rome has ever seen. Beautiful variety, the pizza is extremely easy to digest and vary reasonably priced. You could come out of there with a nice large tray of colorful pizza for only a few bucks.The menu is huge with interesting combinations ranging from sausage to potato and of course the normal pizza flavors like margarita

Sit-down restaurants in the Vatican area

Sit-down restaurants in the Vatican area#5 Passaguai
Passaguai’s location: Via Pomponio Leto 1, Rome.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 10AM-2AM ; Sat 6PM-2AM ; Sun 5PM-1AM

#6 Sorpasso
Sorpasso’s location: Via Properzio, 31-33, Rome.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.30 am – 1 am, Sat 9 am – 1 am

Close to Piazza Risorgemento you will find two gems where a lot of locals go for lunch and dinner. If you want to sit down in a proper restaurant and have nice glass of wine and delicious food you should pay Passagaui or Sorpasso  a visit. How does a platter of hand cut hams and cheeses followed by a tender steak sound? Whatever you order, on either of these restaurants, you will not be disappointed. High quality without being expensive.



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