In June 2012 Eataly opened its doors in an old train terminal in Rome. This chain of food malls was originally created in Turin six years ago and has been a successes story also in USA and Japan. Swing by for a lunch or a delicious dinner, or to walk around the wide range of Italian food for sale here. Find extraordinary olive oils, ecological produced wines, and freshly baked bread. Eataly has everything, from that delicious steak ready to be made at home the same night to travel friendly wrapping of oils and wines.Eataly

I love to take friends and family who are visiting Rome to this gigantic food and restaurant complex. They sell and serve everything eatable that is produced in Italy: chocolate, pasta, gelato, you name it! You can easily spend a couple of hours here just soaking up the perfumes and tastes of Italy. If you want an excuse to sit down there are plenty of food stands, restaurants, wine bar and beer brewery to explore. Do not be surprises if you end up carrying a couple of bags out of the store. It is just too tasty to resist!Eataly

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