Very few people would pass on an offer for a Ferrari test drive. The sports car is renowned for its powerful engine that peaks at incredible top speeds and sleek design, making it a choice for the wealthy and celebrated in life. Ferrari’s clientele mostly praises its handling capability and the incomparable comfort that you experience when inside the car. Its slim body to perfection is an eye-catcher. It is also a favorite for thrill-seekers who find its adrenaline rush top notch.

ferrari test drive

The thrill of being inside a Ferrari is priceless, and so is test driving it. Such chances are rare, and only a lucky few get to drive them in the USA, let alone in Italy!  People who have visited Italy and driven a Ferrari in its homeland describe the experience as an exuberating and something to try once in a lifetime. Maybe even twice. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t immediately think of doing when in Italy but once you have… there’s no going back.

It is always a good feeling to drive any model of a Ferrari. You can get a once in a lifetime opportunity to Ferrari test drive in its hometown in Maranello, Italy. Maranello is the birth place of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari. His history is imprinted in the heart of the town that houses Ferrari headquarters. It is an affordable experience that you would not want to miss when in Italy. Additionally, you can visit the car’s history museum while in the town and learn new facts you never knew about it.

Ferrari test drive

Fun Facts About Ferraris

  • The world’s fastest Ferrari, the F 60, was debuted in April 2002 and only 400 of its kind were ever made
  • Ferrari is the oldest and most successful team in the F1 championship, holding most of the F1 record that exists including 7 world champions and numerous pole positions
  • Buyers of Ferrari needed a pass from Enzo, Ferrari’s founder before they could purchase the car
  • Enzo’s final Ferrari, the F40, was the first road car to ever clock 200 miles per hour speeds. It was debuted in 1987
  • The 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K is among the fastest accelerating cars in the world. It can hit 60 miles per hour from a rest position in 2.4 seconds

Enjoy Ferrari test drive next time you are visiting Italy, and single-handedly experience the breathtaking moment. It can be a great surprise for your loved one for their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion you celebrate in your life.



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