As a dog lover, I was worried that I would see very few – if any – dogs in Rome, but lucky me, I have since realized that Rome is a very dog-friendly city! For the most part, I’ve seen a lot of small dogs, perfect fits for the small apartments popular in Rome. Although dogs like these are most commonly kept to fill the position of companion, Rome, Italy and the world as a whole, has a history of keeping canine creatures as a sign of wealth.

In only a few weeks I think I’ve seen more dogs than children. And so far, many of these dogs are better behaved than some of the children I’ve seen! Perhaps their tame behavior is a factor in their acceptance in the city. Although I’ve seen the majority of dogs walking the streets or parks with their owners, I’ve also spotted a surprising number in stores, bars and restaurants. The city is so ready to cater to canines that some of the public water fountains  have bowl-like attachments that gather water for dogs to lap up!

Though the dogs I have met so far have been very well behaved, sometimes their owners… could use some more training… The city of Rome is very walkable – perfect for dogs – but beware, dogs walk all over the city, which means they also poop all over the city, and some owners do not pick up after their pets. So watch out!

As a dog enthusiast, I am always game to pet a puppy (even though fawning over other peoples’ pets is not so common here). I have been told to ask, “morde?” if I would like to pet someone’s pooch. Instead of asking for permission to touch the dog, this is asking if the dog bites. Be careful not to say “morte”, this means death!

How to bring your dog to Rome, Italy!

If you want to bring your dog on your Roman holiday, the process is not quite as intense as you may think! Your dog must…

  • Have a veterinary certificate
  • Have an up-to-date rabies vaccine
  • Have a microchip
  • Be at least 3 months or older

Your dog can even get its own EU pet passport for traveling within Europe!

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