No matter how much of a Rome buff you are, there is always one question every traveler asks about Rome drinking fountains – Can I really drink out of the Rome fountains? ” The answer is – YES!


One of the many accomplishments of the ancient Roman empire was their extensive aqueduct systems. Across the empire they built tunnels and arched bridges carrying fresh spring water from the mountains into the cities. Today, Rome drinking fountains continue to provide its people with abundant, clean drinking water.

When walking through the streets of Rome you will pass dozens of nasoni, big nose-fountains in Italian. Fresh, cold water constantly pours from these drinking fountains. Carrying around a water bottle will save around €1.50 with every refill. If you don’t have a water bottle there’s a neat design feature that makes drinking straight from the fountain easy. Hold your hand over the end of the spout to block the water flow and watch it stream out in a thin arch from the top of the spout!

A more rare find are the fontanelle, little fountains. These fountains, typically built against a wall, have ornate decorations. From the she-wolf and deer, to dragons and ship wheels, each fountain has its own unique design. And yes, even though these look more decorative than functional, the water is still a part of Rome’s regulated drinking water system.

rome drinking fountains


If any doubts remain about the water’s quality, Acea, the company managing Rome’s water, has a website to ease those concerns and a search functionality to find fountains in Rome. It is in Italian, but easy enough to navigate. Just type in the address, click for more information, and look up any words you may not know. Once you are convinced the water is good, there are a number of apps available to help you find fountains across the city.

Rome is not the only city with drinking fountains. Check out this map so you can find a public water fountain wherever you are in Italy!

Map of rome drinking fountains
Click to zoom or to see more cities.

When visiting the eternal city, make a game of looking out for Rome drinking fountains. See which nasone has the coolest graffiti or which fontanelle is your personal favorite. Have fun, stay hydrated, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the cold, clean water throughout Rome because yes, it is drinkable!


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