If you are thinking of going to Rome on vacation or on a business trip, you will want to check out the bookstores carrying English-speaking books there. Find the perfect guide book for your stay, or a great book to curl up with at night or on the flight home.

Close to the Trilussa in Trastevere, you will find Almost Corner Bookshop. The knowledgeable staff will be glad to recommend an excellent book to you, and they also are a good source for Roman travel and dining advice. Check out their upcoming events as they often host food presentations and organize forums where people can interact with a local author.

Not far from Almost Corner Bookstore in Trastevere is Open Door Bookstore, where readers have been going since 1976 to browse through a great selection used English books. Here you’re sure to find unusual books that you may not find anywhere else. A variety of local artist’s photographs and art are hung on display. You might find something perfect to hang on your wall at home!

Located near the Spanish Steps in the Piazza del Popolo neighborhood, the Anglo American Bookstore only stocks English books. They carry a good selection of Rome travel guides, and it is their mission to get their customers any book in print as quickly as possible. They also have an entire section of English fiction novels set in Italy, for outstanding vacation reading material.

Caffe Letterario is located within the new City of Arts complex in the Ostiense district. This space, designed by Vincenzo Pultrone and Alfredo Caporale, is purposefully designed to allow for the cultural exchange of ideas. They maintain an extensive library and offer co-working spaces. Most of the books for sale are in the art, design, and media categories, and they provide a small English section. You will also want to come here for the delicious, reasonably priced lunch and dinner buffets that are often accompanied by design and live music events.

RED (Read Eat Dream) is a delightful spot to escape from Roman tourism. At this bookstore located very near Piazza del Popolo, you can find a kids’ buffet here and jazz music on Sunday. Their bookstore offers a small collection of English books and a large selection of Italian texts. On Thursday and Friday nights, they often host authors. The terraced bistro is a great place to relax with a good book. Take note that they also offer vegetarian and vegan choices.

Stop by at any of these bookstores to enrich your experience while staying in Rome. Whether you wish to lose yourself in a fiction novel set in Rome, you’d like to be more strategic in planning an itinerary for your stay, or you just want to take a break from Rome’s lively, often chaotic streets to relax there are a ton of options to choose from to find a bookstore that best suits you.

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