When in Rome, do as the Romans do- which is dining outside to enjoy the spectacular views and ambiance of Rome. From the awe-inspiring Colosseum to a smattering of forum ruins that dot the landscape, Rome has far too many amazing sites to waste sitting inside for a meal.

Aroma Restaurant, Palazzo Manfredi
Aroma restaurant not only offers up traditional Italian dishes with a contemporary element, but their terrace also presents an unmatched view of the Colosseum. On your next trip to Rome, head to the terrace at Aroma for a serene and reverential viewing of one of Rome’s greatest historical wonders.

Casina Valadier
Elevate your terrace experience on the Pincian Hill at Casina Valadier. Enjoy incredible views of beautiful Rome day or night from the 1st-floor terraces. Tourists and locals alike will delight in the experience at Casina Valadier.

Bramante Terrace, Raphael Hotel
The beautiful and open garden terrace at the Raphael Hotel has breathtaking city views of Rome. The many tiled rooftops of the surrounding buildings and even the Altare della Patria can be seen while enjoying a cocktail or one of the restaurant’s highly regarded vegetarian meals.

The American Bar, Hotel Forum
This top floor terrace is open during the summer season late into the night to appease those searching for a great view of the forum ruins as they rest among the glow of the surrounding city. Expert bartenders will see to every drinking need as you soak in the sights.

Hotel Atlante Star
The hotel’s La Terrazza Paradiso is the perfect spot to see St. Peter’s Basilica lit up at night. Sipping a cocktail at this exclusive location with views of the area surrounding the Vatican City and the hills of Rome is an unforgettable experience.

Terrazza Borromini
For an elevated view of the beautiful Piazza Novona, any traveler to Rome would be remiss not to consider this 4th-floor terrace. Expansive views of Rome are guaranteed, along with being served a traditional Italian dish, complete with a glass of wine.

The Terrace Cuisine and Lounge
The Terrace is a remarkable spot to get a fantastic view of the Eternal City. Not only does this highly regarded terrace restaurant offer drinks and dessert, but you can also whet your appetite with traditional Italian dishes served with a modern flair.

La Pergola
Regarded as Rome’s best restaurant and rated as a three-Michelin star restaurant, you (and your wallet) will never forget your experience here. Not only are there stunning views of the city, the food, wine, and water menu is something any traveler to Rome needs to experience.

Hotel Minerva- Minerva Roof Garden
Dinner and drinks at this rooftop restaurant should be at the top of every traveler or local’s must-do list for Rome. Relish in a peaceful viewing of the Pantheon while you enjoy a delicious meal.

The many terraces in Rome are fantastic places to see some of the ancient sites of the Eternal City while enjoying fine wine and delicious Italian food.

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