As a small family run business, LivItaly Tours understands the importance of making our tours the best they can be by having pre-booked tickets and top-rated tour guides. To be able to get the best tickets and guides, we have created our cancellation policy and terms & conditions with both you and LivItaly guides in mind so that we can do our best to make any necessary changes that may be required.

Our cancellation policy and terms & conditions allow you to amend your booking up to 7 days (Private Tours) or 72 hours (Small Group Tours) before your scheduled tour time. This gives you time to let us know any changes that you need to make or if you are no longer able to make your tour. However, we know that sometimes life can get in the way of your travel plans and unpredictable things can happen before and during your holiday.

We recommend that instead of being worried about what could go wrong with your holiday plans, you are prepared for all circumstances by having reliable travel insurance to cover the costs of your holiday. From our own experience we know that many clients who have not shown up to their tour without giving us any notice, have normally had travel related delays or cancellations which has made them miss the tour. By choosing a well known travel insurance company that covers the cost of all travel related disruptions and cancellations, it will put your mind at rest. With the right travel insurance, you will be covered throughout your holiday and don’t need to worry!

Although we do not have any partnership or involvement with travel insurance companies, we recommend three well known travel insurance companies; Travelex Insurance; Allianz Travel Insurance and Travel Guard Insurance Company. These three companies have a wide range of international travel insurance for you to choose from depending on your needs and travel time. We recommend that you make sure you choose an international travel insurance package that covers; trip cancellations, delays and travel interruptions to make sure it covers any disruptions that may cause you to not be able to attend your tour or any of your other holiday plans.

As a helpful tip, we always recommend that you make sure you do thorough research and make sure you choose an insurance package that works best for you – make sure you read the fine print and how much you are covered for. If you do have any issues or need to claim any losses, we advise you to make sure that you have all official documentation necessary including letters from your airline or police records.