Rome, Italy, is filled with ancient history, with ruins and structures dating back to Roman times sit around every corner luring one in. The Roman Forum, Colosseum, and the Pantheon are only a minuscule number of the attractions people venture to Rome to see; and they are hard to miss! Also it’s hard to miss seeing the dozens of churches scattered throughout Rome. “Where to see English Sunday Mass in Rome?” one asks? Well, there are so many options to consider a visitor could experience mass daily or just enjoy viewing the beautiful churches for their history, architecture design, splendor and art while strolling the streets of Rome. There are so many opportunities to experience this rich history of faith in Rome Italy. Discover our top places to see English Sunday Mass in Rome

Where to see English Sunday Mass in Rome

#1 San Giorgio in Velabro
Location: Via del Velabro, 19, Rome.
Sunday Mass time: Sunday at 8AM

San Giorgio in Velabro is a church honoring Saint George constructed in 685 AD and rumored to stand where the start of roman history began. Legend says the she-wolf found Romulus and Remus here. While it is not guaranteed to have a siting of the she-wolf, the paleochristian architecture is worth seeing. Experience the church and mass Sundays at 8am.

#2 St Patrick’s Church
Location: Via Boncompagni, 31, Rome
Sunday Mass time: Sunday at 9AM or 10:30AM

If visiting Rome and its many churches is more a mission to grow ones faith then attend 9am or 10:30am mass on Sunday at St. Patrick’s Church. United in the English language and Catholic faith, this community celebrates the faith of St. Peter and Paul founded in Rome.

#3 Irish College Rome
Location: Via dei Santi Quattro, 1, Rome
Sunday Mass time: Sunday at 10AM

Also celebrating a 10 am mass is the Irish College Rome. Established in 1628, it is a seminary for the education and training of Catholic priests. A much smaller and simpler church than the others but located on lovely green grounds like a college campus.

#4 Santo Spirito in Sassia
Location: Via dei Penitenzieri, 12, Rome
Sunday Mass time: Sunday at 10AM

 Adorned with frescoes on every niche is the Renaissance styled Santo Spirito in Sassia dating back to 1545 AD. Celebrate Sunday mass here at 10 am and be overtaken with the beauty of the art and architecture.
Where to see English Sunday Mass in Rome

#5 Basilica of San Clemente
Location: Via Labicana, 95, Rome
Sunday Mass time: Sunday at 10AM

Are you fascinated by saints? The christian theologian, Saint Cyril is buried at the Basilica of San Clemente, which celebrates mass at 10am on Sundays. Opened in 1084 AD, this church is of the Romanesque architecture style with gorgeous colorful mosaics covering the domed ceiling.

#6 Sant’Anna dei Palafrenieri
Location: Via Sant’Anna, Vatican City
Sunday Mass Time: Sunday at 3:30PM

Stepping out of Rome into Vatican City takes one to Sant’anna, a Baroque styled church dedicated to Saint Anne. If a morning mass is not a first choice, Sant’anna offers a 3:30 pm Sunday service option.

#7 San Silvestro in Capite
Location: Piazza di S.Silvestro, 17A, Rome
Sunday Mass Time: Sunday at 10AM or 5PM

Opposite Vatican City and just across River Tiber is Bascilica di San Silvestro which celebrates mass at 10 am and 5 pm on Sundays. Its square of the same name is unique and worth a view as well as it’s tower with many arched openings.
#8 Domus Australia
Location: Via Cernaia 14 / B, Rome.
Sunday Mass Time: Sunday at 9AM

The last place to see English Sunday Mass in Rome is Domus Australia Mass, celebrating at 9 am. Constructed recently by the Archdiocese of Sidney, the complex houses the chapel and also authentic Italian guestrooms for tourists wanting to stay.

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