Doing yoga is a great way to relax, unwind, de-stress, and to stay fit. Although yoga can be practiced and enjoyed virtually anywhere, it’s hard to deny that it’s better with a gorgeous view. With all of the beautiful coastlines full of beaches big and small, people love to practice yoga in Italy. Check out these 20 photos of people doing yoga all over Italy!

Doing yoga on the Island of Elba

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Doing yoga on the Lido di Jesolo, in Venice

Doing a yoga retreat in Porto Pino, Southern Sardinia

Doing yoga on the beach in Imperia, Italy

Becoming a yoga teacher in Scoglitti, Sicily

Doing yoga in Sardinia, Italy

Doing yoga in Salento, A Province of Salerno

Doing yoga in the Island of Ischia, just off the coast of Naples

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Do you travel on your own? Mostly I enjoy traveling with my family but that’s more of a special event as it takes time to organize. We live in different corners of the world spread throughout South America, Asia and Europe. Friday was a holiday in Rome so last minute I decided to travel back to Ischia, a Napoletean island, where I had been years ago. When I travel on my own by the sea my standard schedule is as follows: At 7 I head to the beach. At that time I am usually the first one to arrive so I have the whole beach for myself to stretch a bit and swim. At around 10 I go back home to practice asana. After practice, lunch, followed by a sweet nap. At 4 I head back to the beach. At 7 I treat myself to a beer while enjoying the sunset. It’s then time for a light dinner. At 10 I like to end the day with a yin practice. By midnight I am sleeping tight. This is the standard schedule that best suits my preferences and metabolism during summer holidays. Sometimes it changes as I also like visiting sites and hiking. To be honest quite often I get bored being by myself but I also believe it’s an essential part of mental cleansing. Other than that, spending time on my own allows me to deeply restore at all levels. It also encourages me to be aware of my mental presence: how I talk to myself, how do I feel, what are my priorities, what are the dreams and desires I want to truly invest in, and so forth. What are your thoughts on traveling solo? I am honestly curious to know…

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Doing yoga on the sea beside Maci Beach in Nothern Italy

Doing yoga on a quiet beach in Calla Fuili, Sardinia

Doing yoga on an early morning in Pesaro, Italy

Doing yoga with fellow yogis in Atrani, Province of Salerno

Doing yoga in the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Doing yoga on the beach in Turin, Italy

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I would like to share my story for the #weareyoga created by #triyoga. • I was very young when I started yoga (1997). I’m Colombian, and from very early age I lived the pressure of a difficult socio-political instability in my country. On a daily basis I was fearing for me, family or friends: to be robbed, kidnapped or even killed. I was unhappy in my life and wanted to give a deeper meaning to my existence. I asked myself why there is so much suffering in this world? Where does happiness come from? What is death? What is love? What is God? I remember I got inspired by my bigger sister. She is very very close to me in many ways, and love me so much. She was a psychology student at that time and had have started her “spiritual journey” already. I remember her giving me tips and introducing me to many “spiritual practices, groups and people” in the middle of chaotic Colombia, where there has been always many people interested in a strong spiritual growth. My biggest call was when I met a global spiritual organization that proclaimed self-realization throughout meditation and service to humanity. My decision was taken within days. I left Colombia and become a sanyasi for that organization. Teaching meditation and do social service whenever was needed. I stayed as a full time worker living in their ashrams in total abstinence from almost every pleasure in life for 5 long years. I was following many rules, walking up each day at 4:45 am. Without any sort of exceptions, strictly forbidden naps during the day, total fasting (36 hours) 4 times a month and up to 5 hours of meditation every day, not talking time for few hours a day, and so on. All that lifestyle made me feel so strong and very close to God with the intention of achieving liberation from the material world within this same existence. I don’t regret all what I did. That experience was enlightening and changed my life forever, however it was too much for me at such a young age. (Continue in comments) #beyondthemat #BerlinYogaCONF19 #layogavita

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Travellig to do yoga in Taormina, Sicily

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few thousand miles, and an ocean away✨

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Doing yoga in Tuscany, Italy

Friends having fun doing yoga in Rimini, Italy

Doing yoga in spring in Positano, The Amalfi Coast

Doing a yoga retreat in Lucca, Tuscany

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Picture this ~ a Villa in the Tuscan countryside all to ourselves, Italian culture, history, opera, a day trip to Cinque Terre, and more! Ah, La Dolce Vita ~ now add Yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, farm to table vegetarian meals, massage…. Ragazzi, it's a trip of a lifetime ~ Give yourself an experience to remember for years to come. Bookings have begun! Space is limited. To reserve go to  and get more information at #yogaretreat #yogainitaly #retreat #tuscany #healthylifestyle #fitfunvacation #underthetuscansun #mindfulliving #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #wellness #healthygetaway #lululemonla #malibuyoga #malibuyogi #ilovemyjob 📷: @jeuxdevagues_ bikinis @jeuxdevagues_

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Doing yoga in Porto Recanati, off the Eastern coast of Italy

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#BackbendLab Day 15: #Kapotasana 🖤 Our final day of the challenge is here 😩With our most intense backbend out of the bunch -This pose takes time so start off with a lot of warm up☝🏽Focus on stretching your quads (you don't want to get a cramp), hips, chest, upper back, arms and shoulders and spine. This is not a posture that I practice so you won't be seeing a full variation from me. I also want to point out that you should think more on stability in this pose over flexibility👌🏽 . Starting in #ustrasana (follow steps from day 7), I like to practice first by bringing palms in prayer at the heart. On an Inhale extend both arms back by your ears. If this is deep enough for you (or when palms were in prayer) stay with your breath. Your core is very active here to avoid any crunching in the low back. Think lengthen your low back. ‼️You should never feel any discomfort or pinching. If you do, slowly remove yourself from the posture. If things are ok for you and you'd like to continue, on an inhale allow your head to go back, lead with your sternum and let your hands touch the floor. For myself, this is where the pose ends. I try to get my hands as close to my feet as possible. On a good day it ends with forearms on the floor working my finger tips as far up the sides of my feet as they can go. If you're one of the lucky ones like @faern who can go further, try to walk your hands towards your knees – as far as they can go. Eventually you'll want to work your hands – one side at a time to meet your heels and grip onto them. While you are doing this, you transfer the weight onto the opposite hand (So if your placing your right hand onto your heel, some of your weight is now on your left hand). Remember to keep your elbows in toward the body. Once in full kapotasana, push your hips forward, think length in your low back and breath. . Thank you so much for being part of the @backbendlab yoga challenge with myself, @faern and @catvaladezyoga . It was such a pleasure hosting! I had so much fun 🤗 Please don't forget to tag us an our sponsors @om_matters @mamakuka and @hotchakrasyoga 🙋🏻💋 love, #yogamom

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Amalfi Coast Private Boat Excursion

Every day at 9am 7 hrs

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